Welcome to the official
website for the Incorporated
Association of Organists

The IAO comprises over 6,000 members worldwide and is open to all lovers of the organ and its music. Whilst many of our members are indeed organists and/or choir trainers, our wide range of programmes (many of which are arranged by our 90 affiliated associations) have a wide appeal to all.

The websites of our affiliated local associations will let you know of the very many activities which they organise all around the country. Why not go along and see what they do?

If you are interested in the world of the organ, whether as a performer, potential performer or listener, do please look through the contents of our website and be in touch with us if you would like to join us in our enjoyment of what Mozart called “The King of Instruments”.

Organists' Review

The IAO publishes Organists’ Review. This high-quality quarterly magazine has an enviable reputation for both its content and presentation. It is a full colour publication with stunning pictures. News of affiliated association activities are also incorporated into the magazine, providing local up-to-date events and information.