When reviewing the IAO’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, the opportunity was taken to bring the titles of those who hold office in the organisation into line with current company and charity practice. The people concerned are listed below.

Council 2016/7 – Directors/Trustees

Please note: The ‘Official’ titles given below are those registered at Companies House and are the formal titles. However, in normal day-to-day activities the alternative or informal titles given below may be used, as appropriate. The term ‘Hon’. or ‘Honorary’ is not to be used as we are informed that it no longer has any standing.

Name ‘Official’ Title Alternative or Informal title/s
Peter King President
Stephen Grahl President-Elect
David Saint Director, IAO & IAO Trading Executive Vice-President & Trustee
Malcolm Hawke Director, IAO & IAO Trading General Secretary & Trustee
Richard Allen Director, IAO & IAO Trading Finance Director/Treasurer & Trustee
Peter Yardley-Jones Director, IAO & IAO Trading Operations Director, Organists’ Review & Trustee
John Balding Director, IAO Trustee
Nigel Morris Director, IAO Trustee
Alan Taylor Director, IAO Trustee
Robert Miller Director, IAO Trading  Festival Administrator
Terrence Hancock Director, IAO Trading

Advisory Committee – Elected Advisory Members

Elected Members – retiring in 2017
Stewart Alston
Michael Eddy*
Ian Hare*
Sheila Scott*
David Shaw
Vincent Syson
Adriel Yap*

Elected Members – retiring in 2018
Gavin Argent *
John Eagles
Peter Lattimer

Elected Members – retiring in 2019
Neale Agnew*
Steve Bowey
Adrian Crawford*
David Greening*
Melvin Hughes*

* = Second Term of Office