In line with its status as an educational charity, the IAO undertakes and supports various activities in pursuit of this objective. The following special schemes are example activities.

The IAO Grant and Guarantee Scheme

Among the services offered to affiliated associations, this scheme enables an association or group of associations to arrange educational events for the benefit of their members, which might otherwise be beyond their resources or involve an unacceptable risk.

Grants may be applied for that can make it possible for an educational event to be arranged, which might otherwise be beyond the financial resources of the organising association(s). The organising association(s) would be expected to make some financial contribution(s).

Guarantees may be applied for to assist in case of an unexpected loss on an event. Events should be planned to break even. However, the Guarantee, up to an amount agreed in advance, would be paid in the event of an unexpected loss: for example, lower than expected attendance because of exceptional weather conditions or other unforeseen factor.

Grants and Guarantees approved or under consideration over the last year include:

  • Midlands – Midlands Organ Day
  • East Surrey – Recruitment Incentive Scheme
  • Hereford – Childrens Event
  • Norfolk – Lecture-Recital
  • Cumbria – ‘Playing Day’
  • Birmingham – Messiaen Masterclass
  • Coventry – Beginning Improvisation
  • Cumbria – Dumfries & Galloway event
  • Shrewsbury – Recruitment Incentive Scheme
  • Peterborough – Recruitment Incentive Scheme
  • Birmingham – Young Persons Guide to the Organ
  • Shrewsbury – Masterclass
  • Peterborough – Young Organists Day
  • Cornwall – Regional Day
  • Cambridge – Lecture-Recital
  • Newcastle – Educational event
  • Brighton – Masterclass
  • Berkshire – Children’s Organ Activity
  • South West Regional – Regional Day
  • Midlands – Young Organists Event
  • North Staffordshire – Adult Organists Training
  • Glasgow – SFO Conference

The list of events is added to quite frequently as more and more affiliated associations organise events for which they seek support. For the latest information, please contact the Secretary, Malcolm Hawke.

In addition, under the Recruitment Incentive Scheme, financial grants have been made to the Oxford and Newcastle-upon-Tyne associations.

Applications for Grants or Guarantees should be always made as early as possible so that they may be considered by the IAO Council. Applications should be sent to, or further information sought from, Malcolm Hawke.