Dr Stanley Vann was for many years the Organist and Master of the Choristers at Peterborough Cathedral, where he raised the standard of the choir to an unrivalled level. Among those who heard and marvelled at the singing there were Major and Mrs Vernon Yon. Major Yon was here on a tour of duty from the United States and the sound of that singing stayed with him when he returned to America. Before his death in 2008, he made funds available for the endowment of a scholarship in honour of Dr Vann.

The Trust is administered by the IAO and is a designated fund within the IAO accounts. There are seven Trustees, two from the IAO, one from the Vann family and four who have achieved distinction in the field of Anglican choral training. Fiona Chryssides is the Chairman, with Richard Allen, IAO Treasurer, as the IAO Trustees. Martyn Vann, Stanley’s son, is the family representative, and the other Trustees are Barry Ferguson, Steven Grahl, Richard Mason and Andrew Reid. Mrs Phyllis Yon is an Honorary Trustee. Approval of these arrangements has been given by Dr Vann.

The Object of the Trust

To enhance Anglican choral music by the grant of an annual Scholarship (The Stanley Vann Scholarship) in the form of a monetary award and by such other means as the trustees may decide from time to time.


Primarily young musicians, professional or amateur, who show promise and wish to improve their skills in the field of Anglican choir training and direction. The Trustees may, however, at their discretion, make an award to a choir trainer of more mature years; to a promising composer of Anglican church music; in answer to a perceived need, or in recognition of outstanding accomplishment. Prospective beneficiaries will normally be identified by nomination but personal applications may be entertained at the discretion of the Trustees. On receipt of a nomination or application, a form will be sent to the originator for completion and return, setting out the particulars needed to enable the Trustees to make a decision.


There shall be only one designated award (The Stanley Vann Scholarship) each year, but the Trustees may, at their discretion, make one of more supplementary awards in pursuance of the object of the Trust. Equally, they may withhold the award, if, in their opinion, no worthy candidate is forthcoming. The value of the prize(s) will be determined according to the available funds for disbursement.

Scholarship have been awarded as follows:












Jonathan Schranz

Victoria Longden

James Day

David Todd

Helen Smee

James Wall

Hilary Campbell

Thomas Neal

Simon Hogan

Dr Chris Anderson

Esther Jones


Nominations and Applications for the awards may be submitted and should be addressed to:

The Trustees, The Stanley Vann Scholarship Trust, Firbush, Winslow, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4SG, Telephone: 01885 400657, email:


Donations to the fund may be made at any time. Cheques should be made payable to IAO Stanley Vann Scholarship Trust and sent to the address above.