John Scott, Honorary Vice-President and past-President of the IAO, summed up membership benefits in four words, “Excellence, Education, Enjoyment and Camaraderie”.  By joining the IAO you will receive preferential rates on all our events and publications; therefore joining the IAO couldn’t be more rewarding. There are two easy ways to enrol.

1. First, look to see if there is a local Society near you which you could join, you can find the contact details by clicking here.

2. Alternatively, when you subscribe to Organists’ Review you can join the Central Society of Organists for just £4 p.a. (It is not possible to join the Central Society of Organists without subscribing to Organists’ Review.)

It is that simple, but in case of difficulty please contact:

The General Secretary
Alan Taylor

Benefits of Membership

Joining the IAO is not all about wind pressures, diapasons and dusty organ lofts; neither is it an all-male or an old-person’s province. What it is about is the love and the enjoyment of music with particular, but not exclusive, reference to the organ.  We include and welcome members of both sexes and all ages from under 19 to over 90 and our youngest members are under 15.  All that you need is to have a love of the organ and of its music.  Through our events we, and our affiliated associations, will provide the rest.

IAO Events, Publications & Activities

The IAO Festival (formerly known as Congress)

The IAO Festival is a celebration of the organ and its music and is held annually in venues around the UK, although sometimes abroad, in a locality associated with the President. Dates vary each year but it is usually during the summer holidays and lasts 3–5 days. The programme includes celebrity recitals and masterclasses, talks, demonstrations, seminars, visits to historic buildings and social functions including the Annual Dinner. It is possible to attend either as a residential or day delegate.

London Organ Day

Run by Tom Bell, this is an annual event, in March, visiting prestigious venues in the capital with top class artists from home and abroad presenting concerts, recitals and masterclasses. For the latest information, please visit the London Organ Day page.

Regional Organ Days

Spread around the country there is usually one regional organ day a quarter. Please visit the events section to find out more.

Organists’ Review

Described by past-President, David Hill, as a “great read”, OR is widely acknowledged to be the leading magazine for organists and indeed for anyone with an interest in the organ and its music. Each quarter, OR lists all the affiliated associations’ events so you can see what is happening in your area. Organists’ Review has its own website

Other Benefits

These include Charitable Funds and Scholarships Recruitment Incentives, Public Liability Insurance, access to a wealth of experience in organ matters and much more.